Having a holiday in Puglia but your device just broke down on you?

That's not nice.

What's even worse is that if at this point you're still reading this ad, chances are you need somebody able to communicate with you, in a clear manner, and help you sort out your phone or computer as soon as possible, and let me tell you, that's going to be a challenge.

Unless you call us by clicking the call now button, get an appointment, and have your device fixed in the comfort of your address, without having to sweat about it.

Hi, my name is Dave, I've worked in the computer and phone repair industry for pretty much my whole life.

I've specialized in mobile phone repairs and quality customer service during my 8 years of work experience in the UK.

I offer a unique service that no other can.

So, why wasting your holiday traveling back and forth, not knowing where you're going, having so much hassle communicating with local shops, when you can have it all fixed, in the comfort of your address, in less than an hour?

Call me as soon as you see this ad, appointments slots are limited to a few each day, make sure you get yours booked in.

0039 327 452 0963